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“My mission is to show people that controlling their health and fitness by following an enjoyable lifestyle will not just give 

them the body they’ve always wanted, it will enable them to be physically stronger, mentally stronger, more disciplined and confident. Fitness can truly change your life for the better. It changed my life.”

I’m Trajce Kocev and I believe every person on this earth can achieve the body of his or her dreams and I work hard to make this happen, by providing workable, proven by science and fully customized fitness programs. I am not just interested in helping you lose body fat or gain muscle. I want to inspire people to actually LIVE their dreams. I am committed to helping people look and perform the best they can do.

I offer real programs, with real results. And I will be very honest with you. There are no shortcuts in this game. It is hard, hard work. And if you are not willing to put in work, you might want to give up the dream of getting your dream body.

I wasn’t born a fitness enthusiast or a big sports player.  I never cared about what I ate, and I was a big fan of chips, fast food and ice cream,in december 2014 i was lying in hospital bed the doctors pretty much told me i needed to lose weight or might die for 3-4 years if I continue this way of life.I didn't know if I would live or die, I just knew that i had to focus on the day was I living.

When I tried to go to the gym and lose weight this was the biggest problem. I tried to eat healthier but I just couldn’t lose any weight. I followed splits and routines from magazines. I purchased a bunch of supplements that promised me to get the body of my dreams. Well, after 6 months of lifting I was still fat.











Once I decided I really wanted to make a change, I did endless hours of research about training and nutrition the right way. At first I didn’t see the results I was hoping for, I did not look like my role models in the magazines and “fitness guru’s” on the internet. Soon enough I found out that all my role models forgot to include 1 important aspect of their approach and why it worked for them; Steroids.

It took me some time to accept the fact that the physique I was striving for was not a realistic goal as a natural, and at the same time not even why I started or what I ideally thought was a great looking body. Along the way I have accepted the fact that I do not want a “bodybuilder” physique but I want to be aesthetic, lean, functional and way more important, I want to enjoy every aspect of my life while accomplishing this.

Over the past years I have found a way to properly combine all of this. My philosophy is different from most muscle building experts and bodybuilding communities on the internet. I approach building muscle and losing fat in a way that has actually been proven to be effective by science, not by taking steroids, destroying my muscles in the gym and eating chicken and rice 8 times a day like your favorite role model in the magazines.

At the end of the day, fitness should enhance your life, not take over your life. I have found a way to combine fitness with literally every aspect of your life. You do not have to skip out on nights out, drinking alcohol or eating your favorite foods in order to get a great body. By finding the right balance, you will not just obtain the physique of your dreams, you will live your life in the most enjoyable way possible.

My current physique at 21 years old is the living proof that it IS possible to obtain all of this while staying natural and enjoying your life in the process instead of giving everything up to get a great body.

Alright so now you may be thinking to yourself; 

“So what, he was a skinny hardgainer, and “ectomorph” that put on some muscle, he doesn’t know how difficult it is for an overweight person to lose weight.

Wrong, I have been there before. I know what it’s like to carry plenty of fat, and the struggle and frustration to lose it. Fortunately, when I was fat I was able to lose it very quickly, because I already had the knowledge about nutrition.

This is the reason I want to help you! I know what it’s like to be small, fat, skinny, insecure, lazy etc.

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